The Caipirinha ala Leblon Cachaça and Finest Call

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I've never blogged about a retail limited time offers (LTO) before today. Frankly, there hasn't been a reason to before today. The product that grabbed my attention is the recently introduced Ultimate Caipirinha Kit, an inspired co-pack consisting of award-winning Leblon Cachaça and Finest Call Caipirinha Mix. I'm an ardent fan of both products, so when I saw that someone had the epiphanic notion of piggybacking the two brands together as way Americans can create the legendary Caipirinha, I knew right then and there that I had to offer kudos.

   My introduction to Leblon Cachaça was as a judge at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition. The Brazilian cane spirit was so delightfully aromatic and delicious it easily out classed the other cachaças in the competition. The brand was rightfully awarded a double gold medal and subsequently earned heaps of praise from pundits and the intelligentsia.

   Finest Call's Caipirinha Mix is a mixologists dream come true. It's made with Persian limes, sweetened with agave nectar and loaded with charm and sensational flavor, yet completely free of the operational challenges connected with those made from scratch. The Olympic class product is also shelf-stable, so there's no need for refrigeration or chance of it going bad in the middle of a busy shift. Just add the cachaça and it should be a smooth journey from there.

   I know my way around a Caipirinha. I've made them on cruise ships, at a beachside resort in Tabago and scores of cocktail haunts from Manhattan to Manhattan Beach. Trust me, the famed South American drink made with Leblon Cachaça and Finest Call's mix is every bit as delectable as those I've constructed in the past, only much easier.

   Now that's what I call progress. Salud! --RP

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Loved the article! Can I get a sample????? TC

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