The query for today has to do with my more memorable gaffs behind the bar. Okay, I need to say right here and now I was involved in plenty of embarrassing moments that I just no longer remember. I would venture I committed some miscue or mistake during every shift behind the bar.

Often there was someone other than me responsible for making me do something stupid and regrettable. For instance, I was bartending at El Torito on a crowded Friday night. This was the early ‘80s and business was brisk. Just to show you the mentality of management at the time, on a chaotically busy night, the managers decided to stir things up by running a drink promotion—$.99 for liter of pre-made Margaritas. How many fewer Margaritas do you think we would have sold if they were priced a buck? Right? And if they were priced at a dollar imagine how much more money we would have made in tips? Can you image the degree of drunkenness we unleashed that night?

I suppose the flashpoint for the bartenders was here we were knee deep in the weeds and getting tipped in pennies. Shiny though they may be, the pennies were taking a toll on all of our professionalism. I don’t recollect which one of us started throwing the coins back at the trashed clientele. Honestly it could have been me, but I pass on taking responsibility. The onus for the mishap with the pennies is steadfastly on the puny shoulders of management. Continue Reading